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She covered mile 25 in around five minutes flat, en route to becoming the first American woman in 40 years to win New York. Her face as she crossed the line said it all. We have no doubt that she will be back. I can do this, too!

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She ran a really smart race and looked strong the whole way through. So strong!

Shalane was capable of a big win. I know Boston was a heartbreaker for her [in , Flanagan finished seventh in the Boston Marathon after leading the field for most of the first part of the race. She was slated to race again earlier this year, but an injury kept her from competing. Those women keep me young.


They just go after it, and to see them go after it keeps me in the game. To see her do what she did on Sunday and break that year drought was just so inspiring to me.

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I see running as a two-way road. Perhaps Shalane gained some inspiration from me—what I did in L. She gives it right back. Just like that, Jodie's face went pale and Collin knew something was terribly wrong. In a flash, they were brought into an ambulance to head to the Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.

Collin's mind was a blur in that ambulance, trying to think of what could possibly be wrong with him and why his kidney felt like a sword in his back.

1964 Triumph Bonneville - Jay Leno's Garage

Doctors told him his chance of survival was likely, but the teenager couldn't help to let the worst-case scenario into his thoughts. Up next for Collin came surgery, chemo and radiation — a six month period that knocked him out of school for the spring of his sophomore year. To the doctors surprise he bounced back to go head home for Christmas just five days after his surgery. That holiday with his mom, dad — Jim — and younger sister — Livi — was still more recovering, but to start the New Year he went back to the hospital for treatment.

As Collin laid in his hospital bed at a frail pounds just months before the season, he was still determined to get back on the field for his junior season.

Classic roadster has carried Kettle Falls couple through a lifetime of adventures

Even though Collin said his mom isn't nearly as big of a football nut as he is, he still talked her ear off about the game he couldn't wait to return to. Collin also had visits from his teammates, whether it was to see him in the hospital or resting back home. He couldn't stand not playing with them on the field, and that fueled his fire throughout those long days of nausea and pain. It wasn't just Collin and his family that wanted him back on the field, but also the entire Port Huron community.

The amount of people that poured out support was overwhelming. Strangers would walk up to Collin and say, 'Keep fighting,' or 'Keep going,' and he had so many fundraiser thrown for him he couldn't even attend them all. One fundraiser Collin nearly missed was a black tie affair at McMorran Place with all of his football and hockey teammates in attendance. However, the hospital was booked up that night, so his treatment was pushed back a week, allowing him to attend one of his most-remembered nights.

Joanie, who had to miss months of work to be aside Collin, said those handfuls of fundraisers truly got her by, otherwise she "wouldn't have a place to live.

triumph of tulips!

I really felt that. Returning to the field wasn't going to be an easy task, and Collin got a firsthand look at the challenge when he joined the team during his recovery. With the Big Reds running out to the practice field in the spring, Collin was lightly trotting behind them but still had to occasionally stop to catch his breath. Six months of treatment and roughly 50 pounds of weight went by before Collin got the clearance from three different doctors to play again. He heard the news on a summer Thursday, and the following Monday he was back on his personal field of dreams that was 60 miles away from his hospital room.

With the scars of needles still in his arms, Collin was back to running drills with his teammates. Well, kind of. Knowing he was back from countless hours in the hospital that took away the cancer and much of his strength along with it, his teammates tapped the brake pedal in his return. With everything he's endured, Collin's thoughts today often wander to a few moments from his fight with cancer. There is one goose bump-inducing memory that stands above the rest — his first game back with the Big Reds. Well, not so fast.

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