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HEART SPELL Return to yourself Light a candle Inhale the air that surrounds you, from the soles of the Earth to the crown of the galaxies Open your heart with breath, with life force Feel your heart expand with the rhythms moving through you Exhale Inhale See light fill all empty spaces Awaken the tree within Breathe your limbs tall Your roots deep Exhale Inhale Expand heart muscle even wider Push past boundaries Break through chains Reach for your power Digest its dimensions Fill through cracks Pulse with life Exhale Inhale Deep Deeper Anchor yourself to the love that is you to the love that is your ancestors to the love that is life to the love that can never be stolen Radiate this truth Strong enough to break restrictions Exhale Inhale Increase the flow of love Let each breath be a magic spell you cast upon yourself.

If you will be protesting using BlackLivesMatter, take some time to remind and align yourself with the inspiring herstory of this movement led by the brilliance of Black Queer women Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza. Create a poster or chant that is an affirmation and embodiment of the resistance and resilience of Black People. Black love will rise over you!

If you do not have capacity to hold up a sign during the protest, write the affirmation somewhere you can see. I often write on my palms or glove, a sticker I can place on my water bottle, a cloth patch I can safety pin on my jacket or write something on a piece of my clothing. Pack a wellness bag for you and comrades.

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Ask what will sustain and take care of you and your team while you are protesting. Check out these amazing action additional tips from the Audre Lorde Project. Learn the language of your body and spirit. What do you notice? Does what arises bring you ease or tension? Being numb or not knowing is totally fine too and is also information about how your body is choosing to show up at that given moment.

Write down, draw or remember what you discover. Affirm what is happening. Your body, spirit and intuition are such incredible guides that can support how we live. Without judgement, recognize that your body has unique ways of responding to what is happening inside and outside of you. Many of these responses have been powerful protection tools that continue to keep you alive.

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Icarus Project has a great tool. Figure out what your capacity is. Can you protest for 1 hour or 7? Are you currently recovering from illness and need to shift your form of resistance outside of the streets? Are you someone who is arrestable? If it is cold out, how long can your body tolerate the weather? Recite mantras, meditations or chants when you need. Tilt your eyes up softly to meet the sun, moon or stars.

Let them wash over you with their power and embrace. Feel your connection with other forms of life. Allow your breath to move in and out as slowly as a cloud morphing through the sky. Imagine your breath is pulling in the vast expansiveness of the sky, the radiance of the moon, the majesty of the sun or the consistency of the night.

Let each inhale awaken the vast possibilities that exist inside and outside of you. Allow each exhale to blanket where you are with a commitment to a world you desire to live in. Continue to listen to how your body is responding. What sensations are arising? Where do you feel them?

Are these sensations telling you to slow down, eat, keep going, call your support buddy, catch up with the crew you are marching with, warm up your body, breathe deeper, walk with a different contingent, head home? Remind yourself of a moment when you could feel your own power. Allow yourself to feel that energy all over again. Invite the presence of that power to be with you now. Feel it expand. Breathe in the textures of your truth.

Send this power wherever you need it.

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Let each inhale carry this power as far back to your ancestors and each exhale carry it forward through you and into future generations. If you are near a tree, with permission, sit under or place your spine on the tree. Let the dignity of the tree encourage yours to rise with every breath. Let the vibration be a small chosen shake, a rattling of what is held inside, the vibration expanding in circles from your throat out through the rest of your body. Move from the inside of yourself, inviting your hands, your arms, your face, your heart, your brain to lead the movement.

The movement can be small and energetic or it can be big and take up a lot of space. From inside your self, start the movement like a shooting star, sensing when it shifts direction or wants to stop.

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Notice what is happening around you right now. The colors of life around you, the texture, the edges between things, the edge of a building against the street, the edge of a car wheels on the ground, a tree against the sky. Notice where there is an edge, a boundary between two things, sense into that. Let your skin feel texture around you in whatever way your skin notices texture: rough bark or cement, hot flat metal of a car, cold slickness of a window.

While you are noticing, tell yourself what you are witnessing. There is a red brick building in front of me and the bricks closest to the street are crumbled.

My hands can feel the bits of dust and red brick, their sharp and crumbly edges. Put yourself into whatever part of the space around you is safe enough to touch and sense. The color of it. The sound if there is sound. The taste if you can imagine taste. I am alive Adaku when Black people get free, everybody gets free Black Lives Matter who is worth my love, my strength and my rage? Hawthorne and rose are great for heart hurts too. Train yourself to go outside and take a short walk every couple of hours, if you are locked up by a computer.

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A recent work gig that told us all to go on quick breaks every hour showed me how much this helped my focus, for real. Figure out how to do the work in ways that feel as good as possible. Her multigenerational saga churns with muscular prose that will break your heart. Little A: Amazon. Four instrumentalists form a chamber group when they are graduate students. Jana, Henry, Brit, and Daniel are each talented in their own right, but together they approach genius. They are not, however, geniuses in their love lives. In , year-old Florence Sally Horner was abducted and held captive for nearly two years.

Greenwood turns that paradigm around, giving voice to Sally and her family. At times harrowing but never sensational, this novel will remain with readers long after the last page.